Mother’s Day without a Mum


Just because our mum is no longer with us doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day has no meaning.  For many families it is really important to acknowledge and celebrate the memory of their mum and there are lots of ways to do this.  It is also really important for schools to consider how best to integrate and encourage participation for a child whose mum has died into Mother’s Day activities such as making cards and gifts, particularly for very young children.

Facing Mothering Sunday when your mum has died can be a real challenge for children and families especially if it is this first one.  If you need advice and support about how to manage this you can call or email the Balloons team.  If you’d prefer not to do this you can also visit our Support page, scroll down to the bottom and download our Information Sheet on Mother’s Day balloons-information-sheet-11 and any other Information Sheets you might find useful.

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