After a Bereavement

Being bereaved as a teenager is particularly difficult because it is such a physically and emotionally challenging time anyway.  The transition from child to adult is confusing at the best of times and knowing how to behave and how you should ‘feel’ after a bereavement can be full of uncertainty.  You may want to be considered as an adult and become frustrated and angry at being treated like a child or you may feel that because you are a teenager people think that you’re old enough to just ‘get on with it’. 

Balloons can offer you free, one-to-one grief support, usually over a 6-week period.  These sessions consist of around an hour’s support each week and the content of these sessions are bespoke and led by your needs, concerns and preferences.  These sessions could be focused on common themes such as; memories, thoughts and feelings, anxiety and anger.  They could take the form of simply talking through these themes but often also include a degree of creative work.

Before an expected bereavement

Finding out that someone you love is ill and will not get better is a frightening reality. You will probably feel confused, angry and worried about what the future holds and may even feel responsible in some way. It is important that you know that your actions cannot give someone an illness.

Adults may keep information from you to protect you and may not understand how important it is for you to be included in conversations and decision making.  Alternatively, you may feel that you’re hearing every detail and would like to protect yourself from it all.  We can provide a one-to-one support session when a loved one has entered the palliative stages of care (this means that the person who is dying is receiving treatment to help with pain and symptoms, but that this treatment will not provide a cure or prolong the life of that person).  This is an emotionally difficult time to experience for adults, teenagers and children alike. 

If you would like Balloons to provide you with support around a bereavement or expected bereavement please speak to a parent, carer or trusted adult about contacting us.  We can be contacted on 01392 826064 or admin@balloonscharity.co.uk.  If you are 18 or over, you can contact us direct on the details above.


Staff at Balloons have extensive knowledge about bereavement support resources available to teenagers. If you have a question about books, downloads, websites or online support groups please contact us directly.
You could also try: hopeagain.org.uk | kooth.com | www.winstonswish.org
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