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Our aim is to train those working with children and young people so that they can develop the skills and confidence to support grieving children and young people in their care.

We have over ten years’ experience of providing support to bereaved children and young people, and of working alongside practitioners to support them to do the same.

Bereavement Champions Training

We provide a regular course which aims to help professionals develop the skills & confidence to support grieving children & young people in their care.  Session details can be found by clicking the link below:

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Bespoke Child Bereavement Training

We are able to provide bespoke training for practitioners such as family support workers, healthcare providers, school counsellors, teaching assistants, SENCOs, Headteachers and classroom teachers.

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I found this short course very helpful and informative. I also felt validated that I had helped a child who lost their Dad during the pandemic. I would recommend this course very highly to those working with children who are going through bereavement or loss. I think this should be covered in general training for teachers and support staff.

- Quote from Trainee

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